Porshia Mabine

With years of experience as an independent broker, Porshia Mabine has been dedicated to assisting families, single mothers, students, senior couples, and various other groups in finding the best insurance options. Her mission, alongside the team at Wise Provisions LLC, is to simplify and protect your financial situation by providing expert guidance.

Porshia's unwavering focus on helping people prepare for unforeseen circumstances sets her apart. She goes the extra mile to ensure that only the most suitable insurance plans are recommended to clients, making their financial lives more secure and fulfilling.

At Wise Provisions LLC, we understand the importance of personalized financial planning. Porshia's expertise and dedication enable clients to live the financially planned lives they deserve. With her assistance, you can gain peace of mind and the confidence to navigate life's uncertainties.

Trust Porshia Mabine and the team at Wise Provisions LLC to guide you towards the best insurance options tailored to your unique needs. Start securing your financial future today by reaching out for a consultation.

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